Amy (Adult, TBI)

After my concussion I was not seeing well, I was constantly dropping letters or words while reading and I had constant eye strain when doing visual tasks. I am so grateful I was referred here for Vision Therapy. I no longer drop letters or words, I can read, I can see clearer, and I have no eye strain. I cannot believe how much better I feel.

Haley (Age 15, volleyball concussion)

I got a concussion during one of her volleyball practices. I started having visual symptoms such as double vision, strain, and headaches. My sports medicine and physical therapist doctors referred me to vision therapy. I found Utah Vision Solutions and Dr. David explained to me a concussion will disrupt the communication between the brain and eyes. I got started with vision therapy and since finishing, my symptoms have resolved. I am able to accomplish school work and feel myself again. The staff was so friendly, I loved my therapists Dayton and Megan!

-Haley (self)

Sylvia (Adult, Post Concussion-Car accident)

Whiplash from my car accident left me with blurred and double vision, balance and focusing issues, and light sensitivity. I had constant headaches but the daily Excedrin wasn’t helping. I was referred by the advocates and so grateful they did. Since vision therapy I now have control of my vision. I can focus quickly and easily, double vision is non-existent, I no longer struggle with balance issues when walking! The therapists are so patient, I could tell they genuinely cared about me!

-Sylvia (self)

Desiree (Adult, Post Concussion-Snowboarding accident)

I got a concussion from a snowboarding accident. In the beginning, I had to wear sunglasses everywhere including in my own home because the lights were always too bright and gave me migraines. I couldn’t do my homework and had to have my mom write my essays and take tests for me. She would read off the questions while I told her the answers. I couldn’t work for a month and a half, and had to do minimal work when I returned.

After 5 months of dealing with headaches, dizziness, nausea and struggling with bright lights, I finally decided I needed help with getting myself back to my old self. At the beginning of vision therapy, my vision was super blurry and I would always see in double vision buy facebook followers usa. My migraines were an everyday occurrence. I couldn’t walk straight. Now, since completing vision therapy, I only get migraines about once every 3 weeks, my vision has improved and I don’t see in double anymore. I can walk and run with ease. I am able to do activities now such as sports. I can talk and think more clearly when people are talking with me.

Anyone who is struggling, I highly recommend coming to Utah Vision Solutions. The people are very friendly and they will focus on what will be the best for people to improve on. The staff here make it fun and it feels like a safe environment to be in. They are also very flexible with your schedule and don’t rush you. They go at your pace. I would be willing to talk to anyone considering treatment. (After 4pm)

-Desiree (self)

Chloe (Age 13, Post Concussion-Soccer injury)

Before vision therapy, Chloe struggled with headaches, blurred vision, tired and sore eyes and she struggled focusing in school. Since completing vision therapy, her headaches have been completely alleviated, her eyes are not sore or tired anymore, she can focus and see the board in school. We noticed improvement within the first few weeks of her starting vision therapy. There has been such a huge difference in Chloe! We could not believe how well this program worked to reprogram her brain. It was quick and effective and Dr. David and his team were amazing! I would be willing to speak to anyone considering vision therapy.

-Nikki (Chloe’s mom)

Rylee (Age 17, Post Concussion-Car accident)

Before vision therapy, I struggled with headaches, dizziness and trouble focusing in school. Since completing vision therapy, I am not dizzy anymore and my headaches have lessened. I have also noticed that I can go into stores without getting headaches and I focus much better in school now. I have noticed so much improvement and I feel so much better.

-Rylee (Self)

Brianna (Age 15, Post Concussion-Blow to the head)

Before vision therapy, I struggled with a lot of school related activities. Reading was difficult, words would move on the page and walking in big crowds would make me dizzy. Since completing vision therapy, reading, homework and other vision related activities do not cause my symptoms to flare up anymore. I definitely feel more comfortable in school knowing that vision related activities are not going to cause me to develop a headache.


Jordan (Age 10, Post Concussion- caused from a fall; and reading struggles)

Since Jordan’s concussion, he struggled with eye strain, fatigue after visual tasks, headaches, and some reading struggles. Since doing vision therapy, his balance has improved as well as his eye-hand coordination and focusing up close. We have also noticed that school has gotten easier for him. Overall, we saw great improvement since completing vision therapy.

-Dana (Jordan’s mom)

Dixie (Adult, post brain injury-Car accident)

Prior to Vision Therapy, it was very hard for me to read things up close and far away. I quit reading for pleasure because I would just go to sleep. I was getting nervous to drive because I would see shadows on street signs and I didn’t trust myself to continue driving.
I tried so many different glasses and contacts but none of them seemed to fix my problem. When I first saw Dr. David he knew exactly what was wrong. He explained to me that my brain and eyes weren’t working together.

As my therapy continued, I didn’t realize it consciously until Dr. David asked me how I was doing one day, and then I realized that I had been reading and seeing street signs without effort. Wow, the realization that things were back to normal was exciting.

I am so grateful and impressed with what Utah Vision Solutions has done for me.
I would be happy to talk with anyone considering therapy.

Dixie (801)-791-7694

Curtis (Adult post brain injury/concussion – Car accident)

After my concussion, life was getting hard. I began struggling visually. I was seeing double vision and blurry which progressed to get worse and caused migraines. I was falling behind with work and my daily chores on the farm. I had given up most of my hobbies just to try to release myself from straining my eyes and head. I sought help because this was not normal and not going away. I was referred by the VA and another clinic to Utah Vision Solutions.

After several months of Vision Therapy, symptoms are “about 80% gone”. Overall reading and other visual tasks are much smoother and more comfortable.

I would be happy to talk to anyone else considering treatment.

Tanille (Adult post brain injury/concussion – Car accident)

I was going to school, working, and playing soccer, but after a terrible car accident I was still having symptoms 3 months later like: trouble sleeping, headaches, and blurred vision and double vision.

Within the first month and a half into vision therapy, I was no longer seeing double and almost never saw things blurry anymore either. After my 13th session it was the first time in 7 months I didn’t have a migraine. Because of the care and personalized treatment, I was able to get rid of every one of my symptoms.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering treatment.


Lincoln (Age 15, post-concussion – Skiing accident; vision and reading problems)

After Lincoln’s concussion he was having trouble with his vision and was unable to go to school, read, concentrate, or do normal activities. We had taken other steps like rest, hyperbaric chamber, chiropractor, and laser therapy, but he wasn’t able to read very well (the words jumbled on the page) & he was having severe headaches and sensitivity to light. His concussion specialist recommended we come to Dr David to help reconnect the pathways between his brain and his eyes.

After thorough testing done by Dr David, he came up with a therapy plan for Lincoln. Lincoln came once per week and did vision therapy at home as well. His ability to read and concentrate rapidly increased and he was back to normal within a few months. Dr. David and his staff were very helpful and professional. We are so thankful we were able to work with them and help my son recover from all his vision problems.

I would be happy to speak to anyone considering treatment.


Kim (Lincoln’s Mom)