Ruby (Age 7, Amblyopia and Hypertropia)

Ruby was significantly behind in her school work, unable to see 3D, and struggles to see in general. Her optometrist suggested patching and so we tried that for a year with no improvement. We were then referred by another optometrist to Dr. David for Vision Therapy. I saw huge improvements in Ruby since starting therapy activities. She has started reading and she is able to see the board in the distance allowing her to keep up with her class! If you are doubtful treatment will work, don’t be! Ruby’s vision has greatly improved and so has her confidence. -Kayleigh (mom)

Riley (Age 8, eye turn)

Riley had an inward eye turn and after seeking treatment from other professionals and trying different types of glasses nothing was working. I found Dr. David online and we came in for an evaluation and started vision therapy. Riley can now see in 3D and his eyes are aligned! He is also able to self correct and straighten his eyes when he notices an eye drift. We are so pleased with vision therapy, he has improved leaps and bounds! Dad has the same condition and is now performing the vision therapy exercises. I’d love to talk to anyone considering treatment!

– Camilla (Riley’s mom)

Audrey (Age 14, “Lazy Eye” Amblyopia)

Audrey was not able to see 3D, her vision was blurry and her eye was occasionally drifting. We had talked with multiple eye doctors that said nothing was wrong until one optometrist who was familiar with the benefits of vision therapy referred us to Dr. David! After completing vision therapy Audrey can now watch and enjoy 3D movies, her eye has stabilized, and she no longer squints when watching shows or schoolwork. I recommend vision therapy to anyone considering!

– Jessica (Audrey’s mom)

Kynslee (age 9, Eye Turn)

Kynslee had an outward eye turn causing her to see double and have blurred vision. We went into an optometrist for a yearly checkup and learned that vision therapy can benefit eye turns. We were referred to Dr. David and started vision therapy! Thanks to vision therapy, Kynslee has control of her eyes, has no double vision, no blur, and is much happier in school!

-Jessica (Kynslee’s mom)

Ella (Age 5, Eye Turn)

Ella’s eyes would cross 80-90% of the time. She was very clumsy and would trip and fall with poor depth perception. We had seen optometrists and they gave her glasses but her eyes were still crossing in. Ella also complained about constant headaches with visual tasks. We are so grateful we found Utah Vision Solutions and started the vision therapy program! Now, Ella no longer gets headaches. Her eyes are aligned most of the time and her depth perception is great as she doesnt trip or fall anymore.

-Hannah (Ella’s mom)

Tim (adult, eye turn)

Before vision therapy, I had trouble with double vision and an eye turn after a stroke. The fast lane and slow lane were in the same space — This made it hard to ride in a car or just to look at things. I was sent to vision therapy from my physical therapist. Eye treatment has done wonders. I am now driving myself everywhere. My eyes are working together and I can start to live a normal life again. This facility has worked wonders for me. Do the work and things will change.

-Tim (self)

Gabriel (Age 8, “lazy eye” and reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Gabriel was having problems with focusing on reading and reading well. He was having a difficult time succeeding in school. He was an entire year below grade level. We had his vision examined, and the optometrist told us he has a lazy eye. Since he started and completed therapy, we have seen so much improvement. Especially in his academics. Even his teacher noticed a significant difference. He was awarded in his class as the student showing the most growth academically! Gabriel seems much happier, more helpful and friendly.

-Mariah (Gabriel’s mom)

Gregory (Age 9, eye turn and reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Gregory struggled with reading, math, focusing his eyes and processing visual information. Reading was painful, timed math was tear-inducing and sports were so awkward for him. Within 6 weeks, his reading scores doubled and he can hit a baseball now. We still have some academic catch-up to do, but now we know why and what to do. His teacher has also noticed some changes. She has sent me several emails about how proud she is of him. His eye-hand coordination is also greatly improved!

-Hillary (Gregory’s mom)

Emiline (Age 10, eye turn)

Before vision therapy, Emiline struggled with double vision. We had tried patching before coming to vision therapy to alleviate her symptoms. Since completing vision therapy, she doesn’t see in double anymore. She can now see in 3D (which she couldn’t before)! And her eyes stay a lot more straight. We appreciate the therapists she got to work with and Dr. David. Thank you!

-Mary Jane (Emiline’s mom)

Christopher (Age 11, eye turn, amblyopia “lazy eye”, and reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Chris struggled with his reading and his confidence. He also ran into things and people all the time. His clumsiness definitely affected his confidence. Before coming to UVS, we had gone to an opthamologist that had recommended patching his weak eye. WE did that for a very long time. After a couple years, I went to another eye doctor because I knew there had to be more options and he sent us here! As his eyes have improved, it has been so fun to watch his confidence grow. He is happier and he isn’t so nervous about school now that his reading has improved. It has been so fun to watch Chris show off how smart he is! I am so grateful for all of you and the difference you’ve made in our lives! I would be happy to talk to anyone considering treatment.

-Michelle (Christopher’s mom)

Davan (Age 10, eye turn)

Davan struggled with an outward eye turn, he was unable to use both of his eyes together at near and at mid-range distances. We often noticed a head tilt while reading or focusing close up and he occasionally struggled with tracking while reading. Before vision therapy, he had surgery at age 4, but still had some lasting symptoms from the eye turn. Since doing vision therapy, Davan’s control of his eye has improved greatly. He also has improved in his ability to focus while reading and his comprehension has improved as well. Vision therapy has definitely improved his daily life!

-Jamie (Davan’s mom)

Brayden (Age 10, eye turn and reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Brayden was having problems with reading, double vision and a left eye drift. Since completing vision therapy, he has greatly improved in his reading, double vision decreased dramatically and the left eye drift is almost 100% corrected. His teacher has noticed that his reading has improved and he does not squint his eyes as often as he did before during class. We are very pleased with Brayden’s success here at Utah Vision Solutions!

-Eric (Brayden’s Dad)

Callie (Age 7, eye turn and blurry vision)

Before vision therapy, Callie was having problems with blurry vision when reading or when trying to read anything on a screen, near or far. Vision therapy has resolved Callie’s blurry vision and she no longer complains about it at all! It also has improved her vision from 20/40 to 20/20.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical initially and for the first few weeks. Callie did not notice any change until about week 15 or 16. But I did see huge improvements when Dr. David tested her and it was so exciting. We have learned so much over the last 5 months. Thank you, Utah Vision Solutions!

-Whitney (Callie’s mom)

Tryson (Age 8, Eye turn)

Tryson struggled with an inward eye turn. He had trouble enjoying reading and focusing. We did a round of therapy, surgery and then a final round of therapy to seal the deal. The surgery improved the eye turn, but the second round of therapy helped Tryson to learn how to control the functions of his eye. He enjoys reading now. Susan was amazing, so patient and kind. The whole staff is very helpful and willing to listen and solve any issues.

-Jynnifer (Tryson’s mom)

Rian (11 years old, eyeturn and reading/tracking problems)

Rian was having problems with words being blurry and floating off the page. She had an eye turn in her left eye and was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency. Her eyes weren’t working together and she had problems when she was reading, getting tired easily. She was getting good grades, but she was getting tired when reading because of words floating off the page. We tried 12 weeks of at home therapy first without much success.

Since completing vision therapy with Dr David and his team Rian reads a lot! She no longer complains about words moving off the page or becoming tired when reading…no more re-reading paragraphs over and over.

Thank you Utah Vision Solutions! We thought she might need surgery, and now she has normal range vision!

Rian’s Mom

Karlie, (Age 5, Eyeturn)

Karlie’s left eye would drift outward and it was affecting her depth perception.
It was recommended she have eye surgery, but an eye surgeon thought she might benefit from trying Vision Therapy first and so we gave it a try, and Karlie has done so well!

Her eye still drifts at times, but it is less frequent than it used to be, and now when it does drift, she is quick to “pull it back straight” on her own. Her depth perception has also improved. We are happy with her progress and would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone considering it.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering therapy.



Emily (Age 9, eye turn)

Before vision therapy, Emily struggled with her eyesight progressively getting worse and worse. She had 2 eye exams 9 months apart and her eyesight had changed between them. She had been watching TV at a strange angle and her right eye would not focus on objects very well. We did not want to see her eyesight continue to get worse. We wanted her to have the best life possible, so we took her to see Dr. David and we are glad we did.

Since vision therapy, Emily is reading more on her own (rather than me reading to her so much). She seems so much happier and her eyes do not tire as easily. Thank you so much. We are grateful for the care and help Emily has received and for her improved quality of life.

-Jane (Emily’s mom)
I would be happy to speak with anyone considering Vision Therapy, please call after 4pm.

Dayson (age 7, Amblyopia “lazy eye”, and reading struggles)

Before Vision Therapy, Dayson could hardly see out of his eye. He had difficulty holding items; he constantly ran into objects, his handwriting was huge and reading was a very difficult task.

Dayson did not pass the Kindergarten vision screening so we took him to an optometrist. He was diagnosed with “lazy eye” and his vision out of that eye was tested at 20/200. We were referred to Dr. James David at Utah Vision Solutions.

Dayson then started vision therapy which included weekly therapy visits and home activities. He has drastically improved. His reading, writing and attention skills have improved. His teacher reports that his reading is outstanding and that school is going great. Also he is now able to see a baseball and can actually hit it! At the end of the vision therapy his vision was tested at 20/40!

We could have never come this far without Dr. David and his amazing vision therapy team. They truly put in all the effort possible to make Dayson ‘s vision better and assist him to have a better life.


Abby, (Age 4, with a Strabismus or “lazy eye/eye turn”)

Before Vision Therapy, Abby was having problems being able to keep her eyes aligned, especially when looking off in the distance. Shortly after turning 1, Abby required a surgery after it was discovered that she was likely born with a detached retina, leaving her nearly blind in her right eye.

For 2 years after surgery, we were told by pediatric ophthalmologists our only option was to patch her strong eye daily and hope for the best. We were frustrated when at eye checkups it was suggested that her future held more operations to adjust her eye muscles to address the sporadic eye misalignment.

We were referred to Utah Vision Solutions by a fellow physical therapist, and once we finally found out Vision Therapy (VT) was an option, we were too excited to feel like there was something proactive we could do with Abby to address her alignment issues.

As a Physical Therapist with pediatric experience myself, I know the value of being able to actively address issues like this in children and the difficulty of keeping them engaged in therapy.

Dr David and his team have done an excellent job of keeping our 4 year old excited about going to VT while also giving us a clear toolset to actively work with her at home.

We’re really happy with the progress we’ve seen in our daughter! Cosmetically, she now has significantly improved eye alignment, something that was really important to us as she prepares for school.

We’d definitely recommend Utah Vision Solutions to anyone who’s concerned about their child’s vision and wants a highly competent, caring and fun treatment team!

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering treatment.



Maci (Age 9, eyeturn)

Before vision therapy, Maci was having problems with her left eye focusing together with her right eye. Her left eye seemed a few seconds behind her right eye. She was not having many problems at school and she was still keeping pace with her peers; however, the frequency of her eye’s not working together had me worried she would begin to have issues if we didn’t do something to help. Since doing vision therapy, I rarely see her eyes not working completely together at the same time. I have only noticed a few times when her left eye was still a little slow, but was ale to point it out to her and she would correct it within a few seconds. She also has not complained of her eyes feeling tired as often. It has been awesome to see her progress so quickly!

-Heidi (Maci’s mom)
*I would be happy to talk to anyone considering treatment.

Jaelynn (Age 9, eyeturn and reading problems)

Before vision therapy, Jaelynn was having problems with focusing her eyes while doing tasks up close, such as reading. She really did not like to read. When she did read, she would often lose her spot and would guess words rather than read. When she was tired or bored, her left eye would frequently wander, which made her feel self-conscious. After completing therapy, there is a complete turn around in her eye control. Her eye does not turn out as frequently and her reading has improved so much! She reads much faster and smoother; her comprehension has also improved dramatically. It is not a fight to get her to do her tasks anymore.

Jaelynn loves her therapist, Joyanna! From the very first appointment, Jaelynn looked forward to coming and working with her. She makes Jaelynn feel special and she uplifts and celebrates Jaelynn’s accomplishments which has given her such a positive momentum and kept Jaelynn excited to meet her goals. We cannot thank Dr. David and his staff enough! I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in vision therapy.

-Sarah (Jaelynn’s mom)
–I’d be happy to talk to anyone considering therapy

Rachel (Age 11, Amblyopia “lazy eye”)

Rachel was diagnosed with a “lazy eye” and wants to become a pilot so she wanted her eyes as strong as possible. She also had depth perception issues which affected her daily activities.

After vision therapy, her weak eye became fully strengthened, and she is now 20/20 in each eye. Her depth perception is also much better and she is less likely to run into things and now is better at sports and riding a bike etc.
She believes she’s more inclined now to play soccer because of vision therapy and her improved vision.

Luke (Age 9, eye turn)

Before vision therapy, Luke was having problems with an eye turn, depth perception and seeing in 3D. He was not great at sports, he was afraid to catch and he was very cautious riding a bike. Previously, we had him get surgery twice. Through therapy and exercises at home, Luke was able to improve his eye teaming and with his ability to see in 3D. His depth perception has improved, and it seems like he won’t need another surgery. We are pleased with our experience here at Utah Vision Solutions.

-Zach (Luke’s dad)