Kirsten (Age 15, blurry vision)

Kirsten would complain about blurry vision. She was only able to make out shapes and colors. She wouldn’t read. We tried prism glasses but those only seemed to make it worse, and she would see tutors for school work. We were so happy to learn about Vision Therapy. Since finishing the program, Kirsten is able to stay at school for the whole day with no headaches and loves reading. We saw significant improvement in her vision with Vision Therapy. – Sheri (mom)

Nate (Age 10, double vision)

I saw two words if I stared too long and I did not like reading because of this. My eye doctor told me to try Vision Therapy. Now, my eyes don’t hurt. I like to read!

Kenneth (Adult)

I struggled with headaches during and after computer usage. My work is all done on computers which lead to daily headaches, eye strain, fatigue, and light sensitivity. I finally went into my optometrist because I felt this was not normal and was referred to Dr. David for a binocular exam. I started vision therapy and since finishing it is far easier to focus on my computer screen and books without eye strain. Fatigue, light sensitivity, and headaches are minimal. As a computer programer this has greatly improved my ability to do my work and remain focused during the day!

Will (Adult, blurry vision)

I would get really close to letters and numbers in order to clear my vision, especially while driving. I thought I just eventually needed glasses, but Dr. David told me my eyes needed vision therapy because they struggled accommodating. Since finishing Vision Therapy I can now focus at any distance. I am able to read much faster and drive without blurry vision.

-Will (self)

Lydia (Age 9, double vision, blurry vision)

Lydia struggled with double vision and blurry vision often. We were referred to Utah Vision Solutions by Dr. Rudd, her optometrist. After vision therapy, her vision function has improved and she doesn’t get vision related headaches and stomach aches anymore. We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for Lydia. I felt seen and heard, feelings like that are priceless.

-Emily (mom)

Kaitlyn (Age 14, Double vision)

Kaitlyn noticed she was seeing double vision, constant headaches, and struggled seeing objects far away. She was given glasses with prism and tilted her head to see better but her left eye would still occasionally slip to the side. We were referred to Utah Vision Solutions and now, after completing vision therapy Kaitlyn’s headaches have been eliminated, she can hold her head straight, no longer gets double vision, and reads much more often! Kaitlyn no longer needs prism in her glasses! Kaitlyn’s therapist, Denali, was great at motivating her. So happy she was able to complete the program faster than expected! Thank you!

-Jamie (Kaitlyn’s mom)

Jack (Age 13, eye strain, fatigue, blur)

Before vision therapy, Jack struggled with dyslexia and all that comes with it. He had an IEP for reading from 2nd grade on even though he could read fairly well. Everything at school seemed to be a problem. His eyes would get really tired easily after a few minutes of reading or other schoolwork. Since doing vision therapy, his reading has improved greatly, and he is able to complete visual tasks much easier without fatiguing as quickly. He is so happy and there has been a lot less stress and tears since completing therapy. Thank you so much UVS!

-Crystal (Jack’s mom)

Matthew (Adult, eye strain, dry eyes)

Before vision therapy, I had severe eye pain due to dry eyes, convergence insufficiency and accommodative dysfunction. I would get home from work and lay down for half an hour with a hot rag just to try to give my eyes a break. During work, I would constantly have to take breaks because the pain in my eyes was too severe. Now, I rarely have pain and can work normally.

If you have eye pain/discomfort, then you should really consider vision therapy as a solution. It is worth the time and money.

-Matthew (self)

Kelly (Adult, double vision, eye strain)

Before vision therapy, I struggled with double vision, eye strain and light sensitivity. These symptoms made it hard for me to read. Since completing vision therapy, I am able to read easier, my eyes focus easier and I do not have light sensitivity anymore. I am so happy to have better vision in all aspects.

-Kelly (self)

Britton (Adult, headaches)

Before vision therapy, I struggled with chronic daily headaches which were significantly worsened by visual strain. Activities like using my phone, working on the computer or even driving caused me to experience more pain. Before vision therapy, I had participated in many other treatments bestmixer’s address. Recently, I’ve had success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Physical therapy, in addition to vision therapy. Since completing vision therapy, I have finally found relief! I was skeptical at first, but the therapy helped me greatly when other treatments failed. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone considering treatment. I would love to help anyone suffering from headaches!

-Britton (self)

Hailey (Age 15, eye strain, double vision, blur)

Hailey struggled with visual symptoms before starting vision therapy, but she never complained about it because she thought everyone’s eyes did what hers did. We weren’t even aware of the problem until a few months before starting vision therapy! Since completing vision therapy, everything seems so much easier for her now. Her grades have improved considerably. Her symptoms have subsided and it has been wonderful to see how she is able to read with little to no trouble now.

-Jordan (Hailey’s Mom)

Evelyn (Age 13, eye strain, fatigue, headaches, double vision)

Before vision therapy, Evelyn was having problems with double vision, headaches, reading, wandering eyes and fatigue. The issues Evelyn was having were pretty severe. Although she has always been a good student, her vision was affecting her school work. She was embarrassed that her eyes would wander as well. I am a natural skeptic, and was worried this would not work, but I noticed a difference within the first few weeks. She participates more in her school work and doesn’t get grumpy anymore when asked to read. Her self esteem has also improved! As a single mom with no money to spare, this program is worth every penny. Evelyn’s everyday life has changed for the better and we are SO grateful. The entire staff is amazing!

-Shannon (Evelyn’s mom)

Allie (Age 12, blurry vision)

Before vision therapy, Allie was having problems with seeing right in front of her and she was often complaining of seeing in double. She had to sit right in front of the TV to be able to see it, even with her glasses on. She could not see the board at school and she was often very frustrated. After doing just a few weeks of vision therapy, she was so much better. She could not believe how clear everything could be far away. She was so excited when her teacher moved her to the back row and she was still able to see the board clearly. She really looked forward to coming to therapy because she knew how much it helped her.

I am so grateful to Dr. David and her therapist, Dayton, for helping Allie see better. She was so frustrated when she couldn’t see and I was scared, but you were awesome. Thank you, UVS!

-Julie (Allie’s mom)

Annie: age 16

We actually did not realize for a while that Annie had a vision problem. I think she was used to it, but she had blur, eyestrain and headaches a lot especially after reading, and struggled with things like focusing from far away to up close etc. Several eye doctors told her her eyes were fine, and she’s never needed glasses, but then a Dr diagnosed her with Convergence Insufficiency and referred us to Utah Vision Solutions.

After Vision Therapy, her headaches and symptoms are about gone, and she can focus much better going from distance to up close.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering Vision Therapy.


Lori (Annie’s Mom)

Ellie: Age 10

Ellie would complain of headaches and an upset stomach. We took her to her family Dr but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Her symptoms were really affecting her: She wasn’t herself and I even took her to a counselor because she had symptoms of depression.
My Mom noticed Ellie would hold the book close to her eyes when reading, so I took her to get an eye exam. We had had her eyes checked in the past and she was 20/20 so we didn’t really think it was an eye problem, but when Dr David saw her he explained how her eyes weren’t working together as a team.

We didn’t think her eyes could have been what was causing all her symptoms, but a month after starting vision therapy her symptoms started to go away. The difference is amazing. Ellie’s symptoms are gone and she is happy now! We just can’t thank UVS enough, having Ellie feeling good everyday is just amazing.



Taylor (Age 11)
Before Vision Therapy, Tayler would get headaches and blurring when reading. He particularly complained about reading music while playing his guitar, and he avoided reading and homework because of the discomfort, and would constantly avoid homework and he’d even come home from school early sometimes because of headaches.

He had seen a previous Eye Dr and had been given reading glasses. However, this wasn’t a solution. A neighbor recommended vision therapy.

After therapy, Tayler loves to read now! I have to make him turn off the lights and go to sleep because he is reading so much more. His speed and accuracy are very improved. He doesn’t get headaches or blurring anymore and is so much more confident in nearly everything! I’ve even noticed improvement in his coordination and his soccer playing.

I would be happy to talk to anyone else considering therapy.


Rebecca (Age 15, visual symptoms)

Before vision therapy, Rebecca struggled with headaches and lack of focus while reading. Since doing vision therapy, Rebecca’s 3D vision has improved greatly! Rebecca has less headaches, she is able to focus better and she can now cross her eyes! (Which she is super excited about). We have definitely seen a difference in Rebecca’s vision since participating in vision therapy. This has been a great experience for Becca.

-Rose (Rebecca’s mom)

Wyatt, Age 11

Before Vision Therapy, Wyatt was having problems with headaches and eyestrain when doing near work. He also struggled with visual memory, and hand eye coordination. He was doing well in school but his work wasn’t reflecting his potential. He used to have to take lots of breaks to wipe his eyes and try to get rid of his headaches.

Our Son’s eyes were checked by school nurses, pediatricians, and optometrists and he always had perfect vision. After some time we decided to take him for a Neuropsychological Evaluation and discovered he suffered from dysgraphia and visual processing disorder and Vision Therapy was recommended.

I found Utah Vision Solutions on the web, and Dr David did a wonderful job explaining how the eyes and brain function. After frequent visits to his office for Vision Therapy, my Son no longer complains of headaches or watering eyes, his teacher told me he participates much more in class, his handwriting is better and he is turning in much better quality work!

I would be happy to talk to any parent considering vision therapy for their child.
Sincerely, Dahlia

Alexis, Age 23

Before Vision Therapy I was having trouble focusing on things for longer periods of time, mainly with things up close, and had headaches on a daily basis. Focusing would make my eyes hurt and words blurry and I would have constant headaches. I had several eye exams, but was always told my eyes were “fine”. I was finally referred by another Eye Dr to Utah Vision Solutions.

Now I can read for long periods of time without difficulty focusing and I haven’t had a headache in a long time!

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering Vision Therapy

– Alexis

Cindy (Adult, double vision)

My name is Cindy and before vision therapy I was having double vision which caused vertigo, dizziness, nausea and loss of depth perception. I was bumping into door frames because I couldn’t tell which of the two I was seeing was the right one to use. I had to reach twice for things and kept cutting my fingers while preparing meals. I would walk with my arms outstretched to feel the way. Stairs were especially challenging and I practically gave up reading because it was just too tiring. I had to stop driving and began to depend on my husband for almost everything.

When I first began having trouble I went to my primary care physician, and was first referred to an ophthalmologist; he referred me to a retinal specialist; who referred me to ophthalmologist for surgery who, in turn referred me to Dr. David. I have had 21 visits at Utah Vision Solutions and driving 180 miles each week has been well worth it.

Vision therapy has greatly improved my vision. I no longer see double nor do I have the accompanying symptoms. I am driving again, I don’t cut my fingers, I am back to reading and I don’t even think about stairs, in short, life has returned to normal!

I am so grateful to have found this option to correct my vision!

Kate (Age 26, vision and reading problems)

Before vision therapy, I had a handful of eye problems. Some of which included double vision, headaches, eye strains, and poor hand-eye coordination. When I was in school, I often struggled because I couldn’t read more than a page without eye strain. I wasn’t able to play sports because of my hand-eye coordination. Throughout my childhood, I went to many eye doctors and they all told me the same thing – my eyes were healthy. Finally I just accepted that I’d live with my eye problems for the rest of my life.

Finding vision therapy is one of the best things in my life. For the first time when I shared my problems, I felt heard and understood. After going through therapy, I feel so much better! I can cross my eyes! Which sounds silly, but for me it is a proud accomplishment. I can now go through my day without a headache. I can read for longer periods of time. I have improved hand eye coordination and increased confidence. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering vision therapy. It has no doubt made my life so much better!

– Kate (self)