Aubree (Age 10, academic and headaches)

Aubree’s vision was progressively decreasing over a short period of time. She disliked reading and would avoid homework. When she did read it would lead to many headaches. Our optometrist referred us to Dr. David for Vision Therapy. Since finishing the Vision Therapy program Aubree is so much more confident. She now reads without being asked. Her headaches are gone and her vision has greatly improved. -Breann (mom)

Manning (Age 12, reading/academics)

Manning struggled reading independently even with the help from tutors. Since finishing the Vision Therapy program, I find Manning reading novels on his own and even reading cursive words. His confidence has greatly improved. He no longer gets headaches and there is so much less frustration surrounding school work and writing. We are so grateful for all the therapists time and effort they showed. Thank you for everything! – Janelle (mom)

Sage (Age 8, visual memory and reading)

Before Vision Therapy, Sage struggled to remember letters or numbers. She was not reading and little progress was made trying to teach her to read. Reading and writing were really frustrating. Sage now has all 26 letters memorized and understands left/ right directions. She will spontaneously write letters and copy words. Her confidence has increased when learning and emotionally regulates better without getting frustrated with school work. Thank you so much, especially to Denali! She’s so patient and flexible with Sage’s ade and needs. I’m very grateful for everything I’ve learned about my children’s brains and how to better support their learning! – Janelle (mom)

Emma (Age 9, academic and dyslexia)

Emma struggled with reading, letter reversals, tracking, and keeping up in school. The neuropsychology assessment showed dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. She was tutored for 2 years with no difference. We found Vision Therapy through a friend that had gone through the program. We loved it! Emma can now read without getting lost or confused, she doesn’t mix up letters and directions. What a positive experience we had at Utah Vision Solutions!

-Erika (mom)




Ally (Age 9, Reading)

Ally had a hard time focusing in school. She would get really frustrated and anxious. She would fight going to school every day and could hardly read. We found out about Vision Therapy through a friend and are so grateful. Emma is now reading and enjoying it. She has less anxiety and enjoys school more. I’d love to talk with anyone considering Vision Therapy!

-Lindsey (mom)

Nathan (Age 6, Academic Struggles)

Nathan was struggling in school and it resulted in behavior issues. He also had constant headaches and his eyes were tired all the time. We took him into an Optometrist and he referred us to Utah Vision Solutions with Dr. David for vision therapy. After completing the VT program he no longer gets headaches and his eyes don’t get tired. He now enjoys reading and homework doesn’t end in meltdowns! Thank you for everything, we are positive his future will be brighter because of this therapy.

-Melody (Nathan’s mom)

Benjamin (Age 11, visual skills, learning disabilities)

Benjamin was unable to do jumping jacks, struggled with right/left and scored <1% of visual skills tests. We have worked with PT/OT/Speech/special ed and were then referred to Dr. David for Vision Therapy. Therapy was slow but we saw steady progress! Benjamin can now successfully track eyes, quickly focus near/far, much less visually distracted, and able to visually discriminate between objects. His visual skills went from <1% to 40% and can now do jumping jacks and navigate school comfortably! Of all the therapies that Benjamin has received, we’ve seen the most definitive growth from Vision Therapy. His therapist Joyanna was key to Benjamin’s success!

– Janet (Benjamin’s mom)

Aimee, age 10

Aimee would get headaches from reading, homework, and schoolwork. Homework was always a power struggle and her teacher noticed she never finished on time with in class assignments. We were familiar with Vision Therapy due to an old neighbor being a Vision Therapist and so we got an evaluation and started the program! Aimee now enjoys reading and no longer resists homework. Her teacher has noticed improvements and Aimee has even been invited to join the honors program!

– Andrea

Mylee, age 15

Mylee struggled with blurry vision and constant migraines. She was often unable to go to school or perform any of her homework. Focusing on a soccer ball was challenging and straining during games and practice. She was in tutoring programs and adjusted her glasses prescription but with no change in her symptoms. We found Vision Therapy and now Mylee’s vision function has dramatically changed. She can see clearly and focus, she is able to go to school and participate in her classes, and she read a textbook for the first time without a headache! This has been life changing and she is so happy to finally function as a normal teenager.

– Margann

Connley, age 10

Before Vision Therapy, Connley struggled tracking as he read. He would constantly skip words and lines as well as complain about blurry vision. We tried programs such as brain balance and private reading tutor hoping for some help before finding out about Vision Therapy. After their program he no longer struggles reading and enjoys it so much more! I’d love to share his success with anyone considering Vision Therapy!

– Joree

Zeb, age 13

My son, Zeb, struggled with reading and reading comprehension. He complained of blurry vision, double vision, and headaches. We thought he was just being lazy and not trying hard enough, but when my sister recommended Vision Therapy and we got him evaluated we realized all his symptoms were very valid! Now, since finishing the Vision Therapy program Zeb loves reading and no longer gets headaches. His comprehension has improved and no longer has blurry or double vision. We loved working with Dr. David and his therapists as they kept Zeb excited and enthusiastic about improving his vision.

– Marlene

Kayleigh (Age 11)

Kayleigh had a challenge with comprehension, speed and losing her place on the page when reading. Reading was a constant chore and struggle for her.
She went to Dr. David for a regular vision exam appointment, during the exam he noticed signs that indicated Kayleigh may need vision therapy. When he told me the signs it matched with her struggles, it was a “lightbulb” moment – it described her struggles almost exactly. Kaleigh is home-schooled. She has always done well academically, but reading was the continuing challenge.

Kayleigh had to have a very extensive Functional Visual Examination, and it gave us additional information regarding Kayleigh’s situation. Dr. David then provided us with a specific treatment plan to direct her vision therapy.

Now, after vision therapy, there is a complete change. She retains what she has read. She does not have to repeat reading the lines and pages. Her reading speed and accuracy have improved. Her self-confidence is growing and She is able to keep her place on the page. Because I am her teacher I am able to continually monitor her challenges and successes.

She has loved going to therapy. Utah Vision Solutions staff members have been amazing in fulfilling her treatment plan and acknowledging successes. She has more confidence in her reading ability and does not dread reading. Now, she chooses to read in her free time.


James (age 9, reading and academic concerns, difficulty tracking)

James struggled with visual fatigue and feeling visually overwhelmed when reading. He was falling behind in school. He would also lose his place while reading, a lot. He would forget sight words and the words he already knew. It was a fight every time it was time to read. Since completing vision therapy, James has been able to read more, for longer periods of time and more fluently. He is able to focus on what he sees and reads. He also has less headaches while reading. His level of anxiety has dropped in everyday life. Figuring this out has also allowed us to get in touch with James’ school and discuss accommodations and academic tools for him.

We have loved the progress James has made. I am so happy with how I’ve been kept in the loop. James absolutely adored his therapist, Megan. It’s been a smooth process and I am so glad we did it.

-Lindsey (James’ mom)

Nolan (Age 9, losing place on page, tracking concerns, reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Nolan struggled with losing his place regularly and skipping words. He would lose his place every couple of lines and skip a few words each line. Since completing vision therapy, Nolan does not lose his place nearly as often and he rarely skips words. He has also become more vocal. Susan, Nolan’s therapist, has been an awesome match for him. She is fun and playful and really understands little boys!

-Erin (Nolan’s mom)

Ashlynn (10 years old, reading/tracking problems)

Before Vision Therapy Ashlynn was having problems with tracking. When she was reading she would lose her spot and need to start the whole paragraph over. She complained that the letters and or words were moving around. Ashlynn got very frustrated and spent a lot of time staying in during recess trying to keep up with the other kids.

Now, she LOVES reading! When I can’t find her she is usually somewhere snuggled up with a book. We are way excited to see how much she succeeds in the upcoming school year! We began noting significant progress at the end of last year.

Vision Therapy has definitely been worth it! I recommend it to anyone struggling with eye tracking.

I would be happy to talk with anyone considering therapy


Elizabeth (age 14, reading slowly, reading comprehension)

Before vision therapy, Elizabeth was struggling with focusing. It was hard to go from the board to her paper in school. Now, her reading has improved and she is able to go from far to near/near to far easily and quickly.

-Brenda (Elizabeth’s mom)

Kristiana (Age 9, visual symptoms, headaches and reading problems)

Before vision therapy, Kristiana was having problems with reading quickly, comprehension and headaches. She struggled to learn to read and with her schoolwork for several years, even with the assistance of her teachers and other staff at school. It was a struggle to get her to read books recreationally and to do homework. Kristiana would pass the school exams, but she complained so much (I thought she was faking) that I took her to the eye doctor and he referred us to Dr. David. Since completing vision therapy, her reading scores have gone up significantly and she went from not wanting to read much at all to reading the five Percy Jackson books twice! She is much more enthusiastic about reading new books and enjoying it now where she didn’t before. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering Vision Therapy.

Krista (Kristiana’s mother)

Kinzey (Age 9, reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Kinzey struggled with her reading. She has been below average with her reading since 1st grade. She has been working with reading tutors at school for both 1st and 2nd grade. We just kept getting told to read more with her but that was not helping. She was skipping lines and words and she would often just see the first couple letters of the word and then make up a word that started with those letters. Getting her to read every day was a fight and we would all end up angry.

After starting vision therapy, we started seeing progress after approximately 6 sessions. She was skipping words/lines less often and reading faster. Her teacher had also noticed a difference. By the time she completed therapy, she was above average in reading at school. She loves to read now and we have to tell her to stop reading at night to go to sleep. We are so pleased with the progress she has made!

-Kalene (Kinzey’s mom)

Addie: age 7

Addie was struggling with reading (about 2 years behind), and reading made her eyes tired. She also had difficulty switching her focus from close things to distance objects like the whiteboard at school. She was fine at math, but reading was a great struggle. She would also flip her letters, and memorizing sight words was terrible. She did NOT like reading.

Our family Optometrist referred us to Utah Vision Solutions because her daughter had similar struggles.

After completing vision therapy at UVS, Addie now loves to read! She is now near her peers and can keep up. Her teacher has also noticed her improvement. She participates more in class now and even understands the story problems in math. She has made great progress.

I would be happy to talk to any parent considering VT for their child.


Angemarie (Addie’s Mom)

Isabella (Age 9, reading struggles)

Before vision therapy, Isabella was having problems with reading. She has been 1-2 grade levels behind in reading since Kindergarten. I would often express my concerns to her teachers and they would say that one day it would just “click”. In 2nd grade, I decided to go ahead and look into her vision to see if that was affecting her. Since starting vision therapy, her confidence in reading has improved and with that, her reading! I really wish I would have known about it sooner to save her all the years of struggling.

-Brittanie (Bella’s mom)

Emma, Age 14

Emma was having struggles with reading. She had to work hard to follow the sentence she was reading as letters would float and move. This had started to affect her confidence in school, especially reading out loud in front of her peers and was starting to affect her grades and willingness to participate in school. We had previous eye exams and glasses updates, but the struggle continued.

Now after vision therapy she has so much more confidence and is reading so much faster! We are grateful to therapists Lauren and Corin for all their help in fixing this with Emma. This has been a wonderful experience.

I would be happy to talk to anyone else considering treatment.


Olivia (Age 7, reversals, focusing while reading)

Prior to Vision Therapy, Olivia was struggling with:
-reading sentences that were more than a few words long.
-sitting still and focusing when it was time to read sight words
-letter reversals
-looking at items or objects up close
-reading smaller print
-doing homework

She was starting to struggle academically in the beginning of 1st Grade. She was timid to try new activities and would want someone to be with her to show her what to do. When we worked on homework with her I could tell something was wrong. She would become very distracted and fidgety which wasn’t like her. We went to an Ophthalmologist who found nearsightedness and prescribed her glasses, but I still didn’t see any improvement in her when it came to reading and homework. She was getting behind in school, sitting at the lower end of her class based on her reading and test scores. She was put into a special reading group in the middle of the year but there was little improvement. I wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t even know what was wrong!

My Sister who is a special education teacher suggested maybe Olivia was having struggles with visual problems spatially, and so I did a google search and found Utah Vision Solutions.

Now after completing Vision Therapy, Olivia’s reading has improved greatly! She is more confident, outgoing, and willing to try new activities. She will sit on her own and do more pages of homework because she thinks it’s fun! She is even more confident because now she’s doing well in school. She no longer gets frustrated reading or doing homework!
She is more aware and confident in her body movements as well, and has improved in dancing and tumbling.

She is really coming along. Her teacher said she has grown tremendously, and that everything has finally “clicked into place”.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering therapy,



Thomas (Age 9)

Before Vision Therapy, Thomas struggled with reading and spelling and hated to write anything. He would have major meltdowns and would fight us anytime he had to write anything. He also struggled with coordination so he couldn’t ride a bike or tie his shoes. He was also diagnosed with ADHD.

Since he has had Vision Therapy, he is reading and spelling a lot better. He is now willing to do homework or other work. He has better coordination and just seems more happy and less stressed and willing to try new things. He has less behavior issues when asked to do things.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone considering vision therapy. (best time to call is during the day)


Savannah (Age 9, reading and visual symptoms)

Before vision therapy, Savannah was having problems with reading. Reading was always a struggle for her. She practiced every day, but it felt like she was working 4 times as hard for less progress than my other children. She had been to other eye doctors and she never had any problems with her vision, it was always 20/20. Since vision therapy, reading is now SO easy for her and I am so pleased!

-Taralyn (Savannah’s mom)

Jenna (age 10, reading struggles)
Before Vision Therapy, Jenna was struggling to read on grade level. She would get mad, frustrated, and give up. She finally told me reading was like watching a scratched confusing! She has an IEP in school and was 1-2 years behind in reading and math.

We had worked with different educational professionals and tutors, and an evaluation with Brain Balance, but it didn’t seem to fit her challenges.

We then met with Alene at Integrated Learning Strategies and she recommended being evaluated by Dr David at Utah Vision Solutions. Upon that evaluation at UVS, the diagnosis given fit all my “Mom” feelings with what i’ve personally seen in my child.

After Vision Therapy, Jenna was able to focus on her reading and it became much more fluid! Two-four pages of grade level text in 20 minutes changed to full chapters in the same time span. It has changed her life!!

Reading can still present some challenges, but she has come a long way! She can definitely do more on her own and she seems happier with her ability to work alone and doing homework now without supervision.

We are so grateful for Vision Therapy and the amazing team at UVS!

I would be happy to talk with anyone considering therapy. (late mornings are best)


Taylor (Age 8, reading and vision problems)

Before vision therapy, Taylor was having problems with reading. Taylor would have a difficult time remembering, tracking, and mixing up letters. She was becoming discouraged as other friends and classmates were progressing. We would practice different ways to help her reading by flash cards, lists of words, and difficult levels of reading and still never having success. Since doing vision therapy, she has made significant progress with her reading and spelling! Now she also is enjoying reading more than she did before and reads with more confidence. Thank you so much to Utah Vision Solutions!

Julie (Taylor’s mom)
*I would be happy to talk to others considering treatment.

Bentley (age 7, reading/academic struggles)

Before Vision Therapy, Bentley was struggling with reading, spelling, and sounding out words. We initially thought she was dyslexic. She could read a word 25 times in a book, but still not know the word. I asked her teacher to let me know what she was noticing. After observing her for a couple weeks, we discussed signs and decided to have her further checked out by an eye doctor. We took her to the doctor and he explained that Bentley’s eyes and brain were not working together. He suggested that we see Dr. David at Utah Vision Solutions.

Since vision therapy, she has been reading and focusing better and catching her mistakes, she no longer struggles with homework, and is more excited to go to school. She has moved reading groups from being with her teacher only, to peer included groups.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering Vision Therapy. Feel free to call me, I am free most days after 1pm.


Isaiah (Age 10, reading/academic struggles, vision symptoms)

Before Vision Therapy, Isaiah was struggling with reading, writing, and focusing, so we decided to homeschool to meet those needs. He had trouble remembering instructions, sustained writing, attention, coordination (soccer, baseball) and with migraines and was easily tired with school work. He was a full grade level behind in reading fluency.

He was labeled ADD by a psychologist but we opted to homeschool rather than medicate. Not seeing large improvements we had a brain balance person tell us he had “tracking issues”.

We then happily found Dr David and Utah Vision Solutions and discovered Isaiah had about every vision function problem.

Now that Isaiah has completed vision therapy it is amazing to see his growth in academic work. He now has the ability to work quickly during math, and can write moving from text or board efficiently now, and has progressed in reading from a year behind to now being on grade level! Homework has gone from hard to easy! Hands down this was the best thing to help him.

I would be happy to speak to anyone considering therapy.
Feel free to call me anytime after 3pm


Kristine (age 11, reading struggles and vision symptoms)

Before Vision Therapy, Kristine didn’t like reading at all. She would complain of blur and eye fatigue after reading and doing homework and she thought she needed glasses. She couldn’t read for any stretch of time. She couldn’t focus on things close to her because her eyes wouldn’t cross in together to focus on it and couldn’t see 3D pictures very well.

She saw Dr David who found she did not need a glasses Rx, but that her brain and eyes weren’t working well together so we began vision therapy. Now after vision therapy her symptoms are nearly gone. She can read for lengthy periods now and she just seems more willing to read and do homework now.


Malory (Age 10, reading struggles, headaches, trouble focusing).

Before Vision Therapy, Malory was having trouble focusing back and forth from the words on her desk and the white board, and would get watery eyes and headaches. Reading was “a chore” and she would come home from school with headaches.

Now after vision therapy, I’ve noticed a big change in Malory’s confidence not only in reading but in speaking to others. She no longer complained of headaches and she’s able to enjoy reading much more: now reading is more of a hobby than a chore!

Rachel has been an amazing therapist and has shown Malory so much love. We love the whole staff!

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering therapy.


Ainsley (Age 12, reading and visual symptoms)

Before vision therapy, Ainsley was having problems with reading. She had a hard time focusing while reading, keeping track of her place while reading and getting tired while reading. Because reading was difficult for her, she avoided reading when she could. It took her a long time to finish a book, which was discouraging for her. Since vision therapy, she does not fight me as much to read. She is also reading faster, which boosts her confidence. I can tell that she enjoys reading so much more now! Thank you so much to Utah Vision Solutions for all your help!

-Bethany (Ainsley’s mom)

Mylee (Age 11, reading and visual symptoms)

Before vision therapy Mylee was having problems with reading. She has always been below in reading and that would give her a hard time in certain subjects. We went to her eye doctor who referred us to Dr. David’s office at Utah Vision Solutions. After vision therapy, she is enjoying reading more. She does not skip around or add extra words when she reads. She also can read harder words than she could before. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering vision therapy.

Melanie (Mylee’s mom)

Abbie (Age 9, Reading struggles, vision symptoms)

Before Vision Therapy, Abbie was having problems with words moving on the page, becoming tired after reading, and poor performance in reading and spelling. We started vision therapy shortly after her diagnosis and quickly noticed a difference. Abbie’s therapist made every session exciting and engaging.

Abbie reports all her symptoms are now gone, and her spelling and other test scores have improved dramatically. Throughout the program Abbie has made great improvement and is leaving the program with the skills she needs to be successful.

-Angela (Abbie’s mom)