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Vision Therapy Services at Utah Vision Solutions

We provide therapy for many visual disorders, from the more severe to the subtle. Some disorders are more obvious, like eye turns (strabismus), or "lazy eye" (amblyopia), but we also provide therapy for the more subtle to detect visual struggles that often still cause significant symptoms like eye strain and fatigue, or effect visual performance like reading, writing, hand-eye coordination etc. Many of these visual conditions are more difficult to detect becauseĀ one could still have 20/20 eyesight, and be told their eyes were fine by past professionals, but still have significant visual dysfunction. So if you or a loved one are struggling with any visual symptoms or struggles with reading/academics etc, give us a call and set up an evaluation. You can also check out our symptom survey (see online forms under the new patient's tab). A score of 16 or more is a good indication there may be a problem.

What Our Patients Say

The staff is wonderful! They worked so well with my daughter. Her reading has come so far thanks to their devotion to her. They are great to work with and are willing to work around your schedule. Our therapist is very positive and complimentary to my daughter. She always leaves her sessions feeling great about her progress!

Jaimie K.

Dr David is dedicated to his family, this country, and his work. He is great with kids and always willing to answer my many questions.

Christy P.

We love Dr. David! I wish we lived closer to his office. We've gone to him before and he is knowledgeable, thorough and caring.

Jessica C.

Dr. David and his staff are top notch and the eye therapy worked for my son. My adult son has amblyopia (lazy eye). He desired to obtain a First-class Medical Certification so he could pursue a career as a commercial pilot.

Michele D.