What is vision therapy?
Vision therapy involves a series of activities and procedures to enhance and improve communication/coordination between your brain and your eyes. Similar to how speech therapy may improve communication and coordination between your brain and mouth. The activities are designed to be challenging but fun, so adults and children alike often leave a session feeling they have been put to work, but also had fun! Our goal is always to make therapy effective and enjoyable.

How often do you have to train your eyes?
Most of our patients come to our office once per week for a one hour, one on one individualized and customized session. Occasionally we can alter that (for instance a half hour session might be more appropriate for a young child), but for most of our patients, therapy involves that one hour, once per week office session plus a few minutes of “home activities” each night.

How long will it take for my eyes to get stronger?
Since each therapy plan is different and everyone’ visual needs are different, treatment lengths are a case by case basis. That said, in the consult meeting with the Doctor at the conclusion of the evaluation, we can provide you with a fairly accurate estimate on the number of sessions you will need, so you will have a good idea of your overall time and cost commitment.

Does vision therapy really work?
Vision therapy really does work! Thousands of people get vision therapy every day across the country and we have our own patients results for years now, but thankfully there is now formal clinical evidence that has been done from even NIH studies like the CITT which prove Vision Therapy’s effectiveness.

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